Exercise Therapy (Rehabilitation Programming)

“Motion is Lotion” and “Nothing Wrong With Getting Strong”

Exercise therapy is a service that we offer at our Galway city physiotherapy clinic. When a physiotherapist or fitness/exercise/rehabilitation specialist develops a specific exercise or fitness regime aimed at helping a patient achieve their physical goals or needs. Exercise rehabilitation should be the cornerstone of any treatment or management plan. Exercise prescription is commonly advocated and supported by the evidence to address dysfunctions in strength, muscle activation, mobility, posture and proprioception.

The evidence now also clearly indicates that adherence and compliance with an exercise program is as effective on functional outcome as surgical intervention. It is also indicated that the recovery and structured physiotherapy for weeks after a surgical intervention may be the main reason for patient improvement rather than the surgery itself. The benefits of exercise therapy are multifactorial and include:

  • Muscular strengthening for deficient and weak movement strategies
  • Reduction in pain via pain modulation
  • Removing the fear of movement
  • Providing a therapeutic effect on structurally damaged tissue


Our chartered physiotherapists are leading experts at prescribing exercise programs in terms of achieving rehabilitation and general fitness goals.  If you have any queries, please feel free to ask.



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Price: €60
Session Duration: 45 – 60 Minutes

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